The man behind United Shooting Sports Leagues is Pete Rensing. Pete is third generation Marine which provides him the “get it done” attitude. Pete presently makes his home in Southern Nevada. 

Pete’s desire and determination to make United Shooting Sports League “for the shooters by the shooters” has inspired him to forego other projects and desires to spend all his time working on United Shooting Sports Leagues and make it a huge success nationwide.

As a high level shooter and an individual that has won national championships, Pete was determined to improve the shooting sport. By being an active shooter it allowed Pete to view stages and matches from the shooter’s point of view. When  he became a match director it fueled his desire and passion to design and implement arrays that take precision and creativity into his matches and this proven to be a very successful equation. With eight years of being a match director for not only local matches but numerous national and world championships his matches are some of the most desirable matches to attend. As match director Pete has taken some long standing matches that were withering in attendance and made them sell out matches. When it comes to designing and building a match Pete has become the “go to guy” for input from other match directors for his suggestions. 

When speaking to Pete and asking him why start United Shooting Sports Leagues he explained, our first division under United Shooting Sports League was UML (United Multi-gun League) my local club was no longer allowed to shoot over the back berms this eliminated all of the long range shooting but I was determined to continue multi-gun matches and I was determined to provide a high quality and variety match to keep my customers happy. With this limitations it forced me to design matches to include more shots on smaller targets and push the targets to the back of the berms for the rifle portion with smaller targets at the back of the berm it equates to the same challenge of targets at a further distance. A by-product of having shorter distances are quicker resets reducing weekend matches lasting from five to six hours per match to three to four hours per match. This is huge time savings for the shooter and staff when working in the summer heat of 100° plus. The next issue that needed assistance was the scoring system, with quicker stages I needed to reduce the penalty values to keep the match competitive. After developing Expedition Multi-gun (EMG) for the shorter stages it was important to maintain the “traditional” penalty values for the customary longer stage or open terrain matches, this scoring system is called Traditional Multi-Gun (TMG). 

Pete further explains that after numerous requests from match directors nationwide he has developed other leagues to handle pistol matches, rifle matches and steel matches, the divisions fall under United Shooting Sports Leagues as United Pistol League (UPL), United Rifle League (URL) and United Steel League (USL). These other leagues will follow the same rule sets, “my vision is the rules and scoring will be mirrored where ever possible and USSL will be fluid from league to the next and that shooters will be confident in knowing what to expect when the go to an USSL match.” 

Pete is committed to providing unprecedented support to the local shooting club, their members and match director. He is requesting members feedback to improve the shooting sport, assisting the local match director with match design, sharing stage layouts or even loaning range equipment to help have a successful match. “Our customers, the shooter, are spending their hard earned money and time at our ranges shooting our match, let’s make sure that they have a great time and spread the word about their experience”.