Qualification System

All members of the United Shooting Sports League will be awarded a qualification title by performance in any division, in four different levels.

  • Level One
    • Club level events held monthly.
  • Level Two
    • Events and the state championship held by one club per year, in any state.  
  • Level Three
    • Any event and the District Championship held by one club per year in any of the fourteen districts.
  • Level Four
    • National, and world level events held once per style in the same year. IE, EMG, WMG, Traditional.  

 New members will qualify initially as a Rookie. Members match scores below 50% will remain a Rookie until they reach higher levels of qualification.

Marksman          50 to 59.99%

Sharpshooter     60 to 69.99%

Expert                  70 to 79.99%

Semi-Pro             80 to 89.99%

Pro                        90 to 100%

 Members will qualify at the club level after they record four completed matches, at the shooter’s home club or local sister clubs.

Members will qualify at level two participating at state matches and after they record three completed state matches.

Members will qualify at level three participating at district matches and after they record two completed district matches.

Members will qualify at level four participating at a national and / or world match and after the match score is recorded completed match.

Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, Semi-Pro and Pro Members competing in a level two, three or four events will be scored, and awarded in their current qualification for that level event. If their final match score averages them into a higher qualification bracket they will be awarded the new qualification title after completion of all awards.

Members can be ranked differently in all four levels depending on performance at each specific level.

Match scores at all levels will continue to be averaged. All members highest qualification at their highest level will funnel down to the lower levels in that specific division only.

Example, A member makes Semi-Pro in Tac Optics at a level four event will automatically advance to the level of semi pro in all four levels In Tac Optics only. Averages will go as follows.

  • Level One
    • Club matches, your best four scores of your most recent eight matches.
  • Level Two
    • State matches, your best three scores of your most recent six matches.
  • Level Three
    • District matches, your best two scores of your most recent four matches.
  • Level Four
    • National and world matches, your most recent score will stand.  

Ranking System

All members of the United Shooting Sports Leagues will be ranked based on time in the league, and voluntary support in all league events. Members will automatically rank up each year, or over a period of years to the next highest rank, just for competing in league events. Members can earn additional points for assisting clubs in the duties required to run any level of match.

 Members will earn 365 points a year just for being in the league and competing in events. At your first year anniversary you will be promoted from Recruit to Junior. At second year from Senior Member to Veteran Member, and so on.  

 Members will receive additional points for helping in all aspect of league events. Club level Match Directors will receive 50 points for every level one match they hold, and their support build and tear down crews will receive 25 points per event. Matches each level has an increasing point system to be awarded to the support team(s) / crew(s) in league events. It is expected that Match Directors, support staff and Range Officers will be promoted at an accelerated rate over the regular competitors.

By rewarding the support staff and establishing a chain of command at league events it allows the newer shooter a contact person to approach for information on league events and promote our sport. When acknowledging the support crew(s) / staff with our ranking system we are honoring their hard work and effort putting an event together.

 Below you will find the current ranking points awarded for the support staff in each level. You will also find the current full list of rankings, the years required to rank up by just years, and the points value of those ranks for support staff to see what it will take to reach the next rank.

Possible ranking points for volunteer work put into USSL

Club Level One per match
Match Director
Help Build 25
Level Two and the state championships, 8-10 stages
Match Director
Range Master 75
Build 50
Range Officer 50
50% Range Officer
Level Three and the district championships, 10-12 stages
Match Director
Range Master 100
Build 75
Range Officer 75
Level four National and world matches, 12 or more stages.
Match Director
Range Master 150
Build 100
Range Officer 100
Become a RO USSL 100
Certificates in each league 25
Travel bonus  100 miles 25

Rank Points

years total points
1 1 365
1 2 730
1 3 1095
Senior Member
1 4 1460
Veteran Member
2 6 2190
2 8 2920
2 10 3650
3 13 4745
Chief Member
3 16 5840
Elite Member
4 20 7300
Executive Member
4 24 8760
Voted on, only 1 Commander