The United Multi-gun league was first created with the desire to establish a unified set of safety rules, divisional guidelines, and fair scoring principles for multi-gunners nationwide to enjoy the sport with less confusion of what to expect at each venue. UML includes the expedition scoring system that works well on fast, tight stages normally inside an individual bay. The traditional scoring system handles  scoring for the larger field type and open terrain matches.


The United Rifle League was established to bring competitors from different backgrounds to one league to compete on like stages with all rifles including AR platforms, Pistol Caliber Carbines and 22 long rifle. This allows new shooters, shooters with pistol backgrounds, and juniors to get started in the shooting sports. The URL will include fast bay challenges for all rifles, and longer-range matches to include faster AR-15 calibers and AR-10 platforms.


The United Steel League was added to encompass matches where scoring and resetting was greatly minimized, and correct fundamentals were brought to the front of the challenge. USL includes stand and shoot, Dynamic movement through a stage and par time challenges, all requiring competitors to execute proper fundamentals stage after stage.


The United Pistol League is the last piece of the puzzle. Our goal was to create a simple and fair scoring system that allows the newest shooter to compete and understand the game, while still encouraging the veteran shooters to push their speed and accuracy to a new level. UPL uses our new HEX target resembling more of a bulls-eye shape including center scoring zone making this game something anyone can play and enjoy.