Membership registration has been made easy. 

The annual membership fee is $40.00 and must be renewed on or before your annual renewal date. Your membership will become active once payment has been received in full by United Shooting Sports League. A membership number will be sent to your email listed below approving your membership with United Shooting Sports League (USSL), at this point you may simply present your membership number at your next match. 

Your membership with the United Shooting Sports League does encompass ALL United Shooting Sports League, which are United Multi Gun League (UML), United Steel League (USL), United Rifle League (URL), and United Pistol League (UPL).

There maybe additional costs when shooting at different shooting ranges or matches, these costs will be at the discretion of the range or match director. 

When shooting at state, district and national qualifiers there are additional fees collected by the range, match director or hosting club which is forwarded to USSL. 

Memberships are not transferable in any manner and are issued specifically for the shooter listed below. 


  • Do I have to become a member to shoot a United Shooting Sports League match?
    • No you do not need be a member, you can enjoy the sport without a membership. 
  • Can I back date my membership to incorporate United Shooting Sports League matches prior to joining to accelerate my ranking or qualifications?
    • No, the date your membership is approved you eligible to participate in the ranking, classification and benefits of the United Shooting Sports Leagues.
  • Do I need to join United Shooting Sports League and then join United Multi Gun League, if all I shoot is multi gun or any of the United Shooting Sports League’s affiliated leagues?
    • No, by joining United Shooting Sports League you have joined them all and may use your scores to apply towards your rankings and qualifications with the specific league.
  • If I am in the military and am required to deploy can I put my membership on hold until I return?
    • Absolutely, the date of your deployment will be the date your membership is put on hold and when your return please notify us and we will activate your membership once again. We simply ask that you contact USSL directly with your full name, membership number and date of deployment.
  • If I primarily shoot United Pistol League (UPL) and have obtained a rank within this league and want to shoot United Multi Gun League (UML) will there be a designation that I am ranked in UPL?
    • Yes, there will be a chevron on your patch indicating your accomplishment in UPL. 

Please go to store and purchase United Shooting Sports Leagues annual membership for the low cost of $40.00